PayPal is a U.S. based organization with operations all over the world. In essence, PayPal is a payment system accessible online. Unlike money orders and checks, PayPal is a money transfer done online. This is actually an electronic option. Overall, PayPal is the biggest online payment organization. They do this by receiving and processing online vendors’ payments. In addition, they have auction sites and commercial users. It should be considered that they charge people and organizations the usual transactional fees.

PayPal opened its IPO (initial public offering) in 2002. This was merely 4 years after its creation. By the late 2002, eBay completely owned PayPal. In 2014, PayPal went through USD 228 billion coming from 26 countries. From 190 countries, PayPal earned USD 7.9 billion. Notably, eBay contributed to 44 percent of the profits of PayPal. In 2014, eBay stated that it was independent from PayPal starting in the middle of 2015. PayPal officially was independent from eBay on the 18th of July 2015.

In 2015, PayPal started operating in 203 markets. These markets have 159 million registered but active users. These customers all have a PayPal account login. Moreover, PayPal as an organization makes sure the consumers can receive and send money using 26 currencies.

PayPal services makes sure that customers can make online financial transactions. This was made possible by activating online fund transfers electronically for personal and business use both. When customers make use of PayPal, they can send and receive online payment through auctions, for example. Customers may purchase and sell services and goods. Alternatively, they can receive money for businesses and also donate to non-profits and causes. It must be noted that a PayPal account login is not needed for someone to use a PayPal account.

If you would want a PayPal login of your own, it is pretty straightforward, as long as you follow the next steps. Using these login procedures, you may be able to get an account.

(1) From the web browser’s address bar, type

paypal login

(2) From the higher right part of the web site of PayPal, click the link, “Log In.”

paypal login my account

(3) Put in your Email and Password in the following fields that you see. Next, click the hyperlink, “Log In.” You can get access then to your PayPal account. login

(4) If it happens that have not remembered your password or email, click the hyperlink, “Forgot your email address or password?” You may see this below the log in blue button. login

(5) Next you will find a subsequent web page that will offer a few questions on your PayPal login my account issue. Choose the “don’t know either one,” “don’t know what email address I used,” or “don’t know my password,” as needed. Then type the code you find. After, click the yellow hyperlink “Continue.” The following procedure relies on your first choice.

paypal account